MATIC Up 26% After Polygon Launches ZK-Powered Self-Sovereign Identity Solution

Decentralized Ethereum Scalable Platform Polygon Announcing that it is “launching the first iteration of Polygon ID, a more personal and authoritative identity solution powered by zero-knowledge cryptography”

blog postPolygon’s explains what problems they are trying to fix:

We are often forced to exchange personal information in order to access the most basic services on the web. at the same time Developers need a way to ensure their users interact with other real humans on the platforms they join. Among many other credential requirements

Polygon ID, which was released last month. “Gives users complete control over their digital identity. It allows them to prove their identity without revealing any personal information.”

Polygon ID is powered by Zero-knowledge protocol which is “a method by which one party (the proof) can prove to the other (The auditor can confirm) that the information provided is true. On the other hand, the proof avoids conveying additional information beyond the facts. that the statement is true.”

Polygon said, “In the coming months, the Polygon ID ecosystem will grow to include a suite of tools, platform services, and previews for developers to learn, test, and integrate with their apps or dApps by leveraging them. from the unique capabilities of the Polygon ID on the network.”

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