Masters 2022 Turin – 4.7 million: Novak Djokovic plays (also) for a historic jackpot

This is probably not the main thing for Novak Djokovic. Before the final, then once on the court, he will only think of this possible sixth trophy at the Masters, which would allow him to join Roger Federer to become co-record holder of the titles in the last major meeting of the calendar.

But the icing on this big cake will be particularly tasty: a gigantic check awaits him, up to 4,740,300 dollars. Or, quite simply, the biggest win in the history of tennis in a single tournament.

When the ATP announced the prize money for this 2022 edition of the ATP Finals on October 22, some blinked and had their mouths watering. With 14.75 million (for only nine players, the eight qualifiers plus the substitute), the total pot was more than doubled compared to last year, with an increase of 103%. Holger Rune will thus have pocketed 150,000 dollars without having played a single point in Turin. Profitable.

Fritz competed but Djoko popped up when needed: the summary

As much as Roland and the US Open combined!

It was not necessary to win any match since, for their presence alone, the eight qualifiers automatically gleaned 320,000 dollars. Specifically, a match played was worth $160,000. Two, 240,000. Three, 320,000. Each game won during the initial phase allowed to reap $383,000. Do the accounts. By succeeding flawlessly during this first round, Novak Djokovic was therefore already guaranteed to leave with 1.469M.

From the semi-finals, the jackpot is even more lucrative since a qualification for the final offers a bonus of more than one million dollars (1.070 exactly). So here is the Djoker with a capital of 2.539M. What about the final? It will be a two million and two hundred thousand dollar game. Delusional. If he lifts the trophy on Sunday evening at the Pala Alpitour, thanks to his perfect score (5 wins in 5 games), Novak Djokovic will therefore leave with 4.74M dollars. Another form of record for the one who loves them so much.

To give an idea, winning this Masters 2022 with a 5 out of 5 is equivalent to the cumulative prize money of Roland-Garros and the US Open by adding the prize money of these two Grand Slam tournaments. But for four weeks of effort. For Casper Ruud, beaten by Rafael Nadal in the group stage, the check would be hardly less alluring. Barely 383,300 dollars. A trifle at this level of remuneration.

Novak Djokovic

Credit: AFP

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