Mass evacuations continue after the partial destruction of the Kakhovka dam…

06:30 am: Evacuations continue after the partial destruction of the dam

Mass evacuations continue on Wednesday in southern Ukraine after the partial destruction of the Kakhovka dam, which caused flooding in many localities along the Dnieper.

“The most difficult situation is in the Korabelny district of the city of Kherson. So far, the water level has risen by 3.5 meters, more than 1,000 houses are flooded “in this city taken over from the Russians by the Ukrainians in November 2022, the chief of staff said in a press release. deputy to the Ukrainian presidency, Oleksiï Kouléba. According to him, the evacuations will continue on Wednesday and in the coming days by bus and train.

“More than 40,000 people are at risk of being in flooded areas. Ukrainian authorities evacuate more than 17,000 people. Unfortunately, more than 25,000 civilians are in the territory under Russian control,” Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin announced on Tuesday. “At this stage, 24 localities in Ukraine have been flooded,” said Ukrainian Interior Minister Igor Klymenko.

The authorities installed by the Russians in the regions they occupy said they had begun the evacuation of the population of three localities, mobilizing around fifty buses. Vladimir Leontiev, the Moscow-appointed mayor of Nova Kakhovka, where the dam is located, said his town was under water and 900 of its residents had been evacuated.

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