Mask Singer 3, the 2nd international star unmasked: who was hiding in the Cowboy costume?

Viewers thought they were done with the international side of this season 3 of Mask Singer. It was nothing! This Friday, April 29, investigators Anggun, Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams and Jarry discovered that they were going to have to identify a new world star in a costume: that of the Cowboy. Like that of the Spanish actress Itziar Ituno (alias Raquel Murillo and Lisbon in Money Heist) in 2020 in the character of the ballerina, the Cowboy costume was also covered in mirrors from head to toe.

The fine team of Mask Singer had only one magneto clues and a single vocal performance to discover the international star hidden inside the Cowboy. In the first images of the episode of this April 29 unveiled on the social networks of the show, the suspicions of the investigators focused in particular on the actor Jim Carrey, Hugh Grant, Robbie Williams, James Blunt or even Ed Sheeran. Were they right? The international personality disguised as a Cowboy was none other than Seal! His performance of With or Without you by U2 also upset Anggun, in tears at the end of the song!

Once again, there were plenty of clues to put everyone on the right track: in his magneto clues, the Cowboy revealed that he had “a long career“, “to be a big boy“, “sensitive and romantic“despite his status as”sex symbol“. It has no less than 6 film soundtracks, including that of Batman For Ever with Kiss from a rose, for which he has been awarded several prizes including a Grammy Award. A photo of Freddy Mercury, leader of the band Queen, appeared in his portrait, in connection with the concert given in tribute to the artist in 1992. Jack-of-all-trades, he said he was made famous for his talents in the song. He was a coach in the Australian edition of The Voice. A figurine of Queen Elizabeth II hinted at British nationality. Seal was born in Paddington, England.

He also revealed that he had “not always been comfortable with his physique”. Seal suffers from lupus, a disease he mentioned in 2017: “You know, there’s an old saying that scars are like tattoos but with less interesting stories. So mine are from a disease called lupus. It’s discoid lupus that I contracted when I was 23 years old. What at first was difficult for me has become my signature.” The red wig referred to Mylène Farmer with whom he sang on the title The words.

On Friday April 8, the first international star, hidden under the Ladybird costume, had everyone amazed. It was the immense actress Teri Hatcher who had done the honor of participating in the show. His performance on the title feeling good by Nina Simone had caused trouble. But many clues had finally led on the way to the hit series Desperate Housewivesin which she played the character of Susan Mayer for 8 seasons.

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