Martino Gamper in the House of Art Munich – Munich

Sitting, reading, lounging, chatting, playing, even having a picnic and arranging the chairs as you wish – you can, no should, in Martino Gamper’s art intervention “Session”, which is currently taking place in the middle hall of the Haus der Kunst. It’s a space between art and design, with chairs designed to appeal to the homo ludens in all of us. The Italian designer, who lives and works in London, has created a new, constantly changing social space with the project commissioned by Haus der Kunst. For “Session”, Gamper built large and small chairs from handcrafted and industrially manufactured elements, the individual parts of which are sometimes curved, sometimes straight, sometimes pointed, sometimes cut in the shape of a flower and the backrests point partly inwards, partly outwards. Different woods also give the objects different colors. Every chair is different – just like the people who sit on it. Above all, the chairs have a wonderful feel. The wooden surfaces are so velvety and soft that it is a pleasure to sit on them and you want to let your hands slide over each individual chair object. More chairs will be added over time. In addition, Gamper, influenced by Pina Bausch’s work and the use of chairs in dance theater, developed a choreography together with performers around and with his exhibition objects, which is performed every last Friday of the month at 6 p.m.

Martino Gamper: Meeting, Haus der Kunst, Mittelhalle, until April 1st

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