Märtha Louise of Norway: Leah Isadora shows herself in gala robe in Paris

Leah Isadora Behn (17), daughter of Princess Martha Louise of Norway (51), attended the “Le Bal des Débutantes” ball in Paris at the weekend. This ball is a particularly exclusive event to which 20-25 selected young women are invited each year. The event serves a charitable purpose. An event like out of a fairy tale – a real haute couture princess dress should not be missing. Princess Märtha Louise traveled to Paris with her daughter in the summer to choose the right designer dress in the city of love. In the end, the choice fell on a gala robe by the designer “Giambattista Valli”. The beautiful one-shoulder dress in coral red suits the pretty 17-year-old perfectly. As an accessory, the granddaughter of King Harald (85) chose a diamond-encrusted tiara. In one picture, the young member of the royal family poses in front of the Eiffel Tower and is reminiscent of the “Emily in Paris” series in front of this beautiful backdrop and in the fairytale dress.

Daughter of Märtha Louise von Norway takes off as an internet star

Leah Isadora Behn is making a career in social media – the 17-year-old shares many insights on Instagram, uploads videos to the TikTok and YouTube platforms, and also shares private stories on the Internet. All this in front of her numerous followers. Almost 100,000 subscribers follow the young member of the Norwegian royal family on Instagram alone. She is often portrayed as a normal 17-year-old who enjoys spending time with her friends, loves fashion and makeup. On YouTube, the young woman is also very approachable, so she also shares, for example, when she is feeling bad and talks about the drastic bereavement of her family, the suicide of her father Ari Behn († 47). Nine months after the loss of her beloved father, she remembered him with joint pictures on Instagram. “Everyone deserves to be happy. But you never know what someone is going through and everyone fights their own battles. Remember to always be nice.” the young woman appeals to her subscribers.

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