Marseille maintain their lead in the standings thanks to Gerson

Precious victory for OM in Reims!

It’s over with this small success for OM by the score, 1-0 thanks to a goal from Gerson, but which will be worth a lot at the end of the championship. Four games from the end, the Marseillais remain perfectly placed in the race for 2nd place with 6 points ahead of Monaco and Rennes.

Fae Long Center…

Mandanda can grab the ball in the air, without Reims pressure, and gain a few precious seconds.

Kebbal to end the game

Last offensive weapon from Reims to try to snatch a point in this match: Kebbal takes the place of Matusiwa.

Corner for OM

The Marseillais keep the ball by playing backwards. They seem to want to manage this end of the match as much as possible, by settling for a small goal in advance.


THE BRAZILIAN COMES TO SAVE OM! In the penalty area, Gerson plays with the entire defense of Reims before preparing his shot. The strike on the ground that surprises all Reims. Rajkovic does not move. The ball is in the bottom. The Marseillais lead 1-0 and take a 6-point lead in 2nd place!

Effective Rajkovic!

After a high recovery from OM, Gerson lights up from outside the penalty area. Rajkovic is there to push back and put in a corner.

Gerson searched in the surface

The little strike from the outside of the foot of the Brazilian was very close to making the difference. But it still doesn’t smile on OM tonight.

Latest changes from OM

On the OM side, Sampaoli ends his possible replacements with the entries of Dieng and Caleta-Car. Milik and Kamara exit.

For Reims, Busi takes Foket’s place for the last 10 minutes.


Reims is becoming dangerous! On a cross from Zeneli, it was Munetsi who was found at the far post to send a header… beautifully repelled by Mandanda!

Konan’s hard strike!

On a nice opening from Zeneli, who had scratched the ball in the feet of OM on the left side, Konan rushes forward and takes the ball in the area. His powerful shot then passes in front of the goal, without finding the frame.

Entrance to Lirola

Cengiz Ünder joins the substitute bench for OM.

How to avoid draw?

There is even less to nibble on the pitch at the moment than in the first hour, which was already not very exciting. We are content with the “arms” coming down from the stands of OM for a minimum of animation.

Marseille strikes little … and next

Since returning from the locker room, the OM players have shot 5 times. Without ever worrying Rajkovic.

Opposite, Reims has simply not tried his luck since the break.

Entrance to El Bilal Touré

The striker takes the place of Van Bergen for the last half hour of this clash.

OM takes risks

The Olympians do their utmost to bring danger and leave more and more space to their opponents. But, on a quick attack, Zeneli misses his pass to Van Bergen.

Free kick for Marseille

Payet shows up to send a missile… into the wall of the Reims stadium. The ball comes back to Payet, who shifts and hits. It’s always on a defender.

Corner for OM

It’s picked up very easily by Rajkovic in the air.

Milik in pivot

The Pole gives Payet full axis at twenty meters. The strike then is still countered by the Reims defense. Garcia’s players still don’t let anything pass.

Nothing changes for OM

So far, the entries of Gerson and Payet are not felt. Possession of the Marseille ball remains completely sterile.

Abdelhmid’s big comeback

Despite a nice interception from Rongier followed by a percussion to serve Ünder, Marseille did not take advantage of it. The Turk misses his control and pushes the ball too far. Abdelhamid steps in cleanly and earns a dismissal for Rajkovic.

The center of Van Bergen…

We resume on good bases on the side of Reims, with a game a little more focused on the front. Van Bergen, left on the right side, tries a floating cross… which Munetsi just misses in front of goal!

The game resumes!

With these four new players, the match resumes at Auguste-Delaune. Hoping for goals over the next 45 minutes.

Changes also in Reims

After this somewhat disappointing first half, Munetsi and Zeneli enter for Locko and Mbuku.

Gerson and Payet enter

Jorge Sampaoli made two substitutions at the break, with the exits of Kolasinac and Harit in favor of two fit men: Payet and Gerson.

Reactions to the break

On Amazon Ligue 1, at the break, Wout Faes was quite satisfied with his team’s defensive performance.

fae: “We know they are good on the ball. We are solid. We have to continue like this. The chances we have had, we have to do a little better. But we are good for the moment. “

Gueye: “They are good as a block, it’s complicated. They are at 7… It’s very hard. We will continue to make them move. We saw that when we changed sides, it hurt them. We Continue.”

The break at 0-0!

It’s half-time in Delaune in a rather closed match, between Reims players who defend well and unite, while Marseille struggles to attack and strike on goal.

Kamara strikes from afar!

His attempt is well countered by several Rémois. The ball then goes for a corner, perfectly boxed by Rajkovic in the air.

OM attackers deprived of the ball

At the top, Milik has only touched 16 balls since the start of the match. For Harit and Ünder, it’s stagnating at 28 and 27. It’s complicated for OM, who still have possession in their favor.

The lob attempted by Van Bergen…

While Mandanda was no longer in his goal and had lost the ball on an imprecise raise towards Rongier, Van Bergen can attempt a distant lob… Luan Peres returned to his line and pushed back with a header. It was framed!

Konan on the counterattack…

The side misses his ball control a little and almost loses the ball. He can finally cross at the last moment. It is intercepted by Mandanda, well placed in front of his goal.

Harit at fault on Abdelhamid

The Reims defense is still resisting perfectly well despite more pressing Marseillais. Abdelhamid thus intercepts a through pass… and Harit, late, makes a mistake behind his back.

Mandanda perfect in the distance

The OM goalkeeper made no mistake on an intervention away from his goal, with controlled chest control before restarting cleanly in front of Van Bergen.

Box for Locko

The Rémois hopes to be able to counter a ball at the dry cleaners… and lets the sole drag on Kolasinac’s foot. Mr. Brisard releases the first yellow card of the evening.

The right center of Ünder for Milik!

Gravillon sacrifices himself on the returning cross from the Turk to intervene in front of the OM striker … before hitting the post with full force. The game is interrupted.

Konan in depth

Once again, the left side splits perfectly and finds himself alone to center. He takes the time to stop the ball and raise his head before crossing… The Marseillais emerge.

Mandanda stop!

On a very good counter, Reims reaches the penalty area with Konan who finds Matusiwa on the opposite side. The winger obliterates Luan Peres before shooting… His shot lacks power. Mandanda lays down and pushes back.

Mandanda far from his goal

The Marseillais rely on their goalkeeper, 30 meters from his cage, to try to revive and get out of the Reims dry cleaners. It’s still taken over by the locals on the middle line… but Foket doesn’t take advantage of it in the box afterwards.

Good laundry in Reims

The Olympians are embarrassed at the restart and have been struggling a little more for a few minutes to bring the ball up to the Reims half of the field. But the ball remains in possession of OM, quite clearly, at more than 70%.

Milik from afar!

Funny floating strike from Milik, from a distance, while the Reims defense had left him the field free. Rajkovic manages to get the ball out of a nice cuff, volleyball style.

Van Bergen takes it deep

Luan Peres is surprised behind his back and slightly pushes his vis-à-vis, who was controlling the ball. The referee whistles the free kick without hesitation… but does not issue a warning yet.

The observation round

The two teams gauge each other on this start to the match. The Marseillais are trying to rely on Milik in depth. It is perfectly defended by Reims, which obtains the reference to six meters.

Let’s go to Reims!

The Rémois kick off this Sunday evening poster against OM! The locals don’t have much to play for this season, except to finish as high as possible. For Marseille, it is a 2nd place which could be almost guaranteed if successful with 6 points ahead of Rennes and Monaco.

Sampaoli relies on Harit

On Amazon Ligue 1, the OM coach went back on his choice to put Harit in the starting attacking trio, with Milik, rather than Payet. “We will play with Harit up front. He is coming back from injury. We hope he will have a good game. All games are important, we will count on Harit and other fresh players like him. We expect a lot from them. “

Garcia: “Looking up”

Oscar Garcia, interviewed by Amazon Ligue 1 before the match, spoke about the ambitions for his team now that the maintenance has been confirmed. “I hope that next week we will have meetings with the management to prepare for next season. The objective will depend on recruitment, on many things, but I prefer to look up more than down. “

The Marseillais head to Europe?

The Olympians are still ideally placed for qualification for the Champions League next season, but Monaco and Rennes remain close, 3 points behind… with a very favorable goal difference for the Bretons. But for OM, there is also a semi-final to play on Thursday against Feyenoord.

McCourt is present at the stadium

Frank McCourt, the owner of Olympique de Marseille, traveled to Champagne for the match in Reims. The American has been in France for several weeks on business.

Frank McCourt and Pablo Longoria in full discussion, April 24, 2022 © RMC Sport

AV and AT

Les Rémois with Mbuku and Van Bergen

The eleven of Reims : Rajkovic – Gravel, Faes, Abdelhamid, Konan – Matusiwa, Lopy, Locko, Foket – Mbuku, Van Bergen

Mandanda holder, Payet on the bench

4 days from Feyenoord-OM, Jorge Sampaoli has decided to establish Steve Mandanda in the Olympian cage. Unlike the match before the first leg against PAOK, Mandanda will be able to find some rhythm before a new big European deadline. On the other hand, Dimitri Payet is on the bench, Caleta-Car and Gerson too.

Mandanda – Rongier, Saliba, Luan Peres, Kolasinac – Guendouzi, Kamara, Gueye – Harit, Milik, Ünder.


The Olympians will play in blue tonight

Kick-off in an hour and a half at the Delaune stadium!

Kick off at 8:45 p.m.

Welcome to our live commentary to follow the match between Reims and Marseille to close the 34th day of Ligue 1. If the Reims have almost ensured their maintenance, OM must win to regain a 6-point lead on third place.

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