Marklkofen: Unknown people set fire to tent for Ukrainian refugees – Bavaria

Unknown persons set fire to an empty tent accommodation for Ukrainian refugees in Marklkofen in the Lower Bavarian district of Dingolfing-Landau. According to previous investigations, an attempt was probably made to set the tent on fire with an as yet unknown fire accelerant, said the police headquarters in Lower Bavaria. As a result, small areas of the wooden floor and the tent wall were charred and damaged. The tent can still be used.

“We can’t say why it didn’t continue to burn, but a fire was actually set,” said a spokesman for the police headquarters in Lower Bavaria on Wednesday evening. The district set up the tent for Ukrainian refugees who are expected in the near future. It is designed for about 150 people. According to initial estimates, the property damage could amount to several thousand euros.

According to District Administrator Werner Bumeder (CSU), the beer tent should be an interim solution. “A tent is always an emergency shelter”, he told Bayerischer Rundfunk. The district only had ten days to organize accommodation. According to this, there could be a permanent facility in modular design by May.

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