Marion Maréchal and Guillaume Peltier call on Marine Le Pen to “not forget the values ​​of the right”

Reconquest! puts itself in watch mode of the extreme right. As the second round is fast approaching, and Marine Le Pen is trying to gather as many voters as possible, Guillaume Peltier and Marion Maréchal are sounding the alarm. The two vice-presidents of Eric Zemmour’s party called on the candidate to “not forget the values ​​of the right” against those of the left, which they believe are preferred to attract voters for Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

A few hours before the televised debate which will oppose the RN candidate to Emmanuel Macron in the evening, Guillaume Peltier wished on RTL that Marine Le Pen there “draw a perspective for France (…) and above all, what worries me this morning, that she does not forget the right, the values ​​of the right”. In the first round, “14 million French people voted for right-wing values ​​and I am a little worried to see this between-two-rounds only revolve around left-wing values ​​(…) We do not win by forgetting the essential values ​​of his camp, that is to say the values ​​of the French right”, he insisted, citing the questions of “transmission, school, birth rate, immigration, Islam, delinquency “, According to him, not enough discussed for ten days.

Door closed for Eric Zemmour, but open for Arnaud Montebourg

Marine Le Pen has insisted during her campaign on her measures in terms of purchasing power to deal with inflation and has not ruled out in recent weeks, if elected, participation in a government of “national unity ” of personalities coming “ from the Chevénementist left, that is to say from a sovereignist left ”. We must “be careful, not speak exclusively to the voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon”, the LFI candidate who came third in the first round, abounded Marion Maréchal on BFMTV and RMC.

She thus expressed “a form of concern in terms of the coherence” of Marine Le Pen: “it’s a little surprising” to “have a door radically closed, in particular with regard to Eric Zemmour, for example, on a potential government of Marine Le Pen”, and at the same time to “absolutely want to open it up to personalities such as Arnaud Montebourg, for example”. Marion Maréchal insisted on the need to respond to the call launched the day before by Eric Zemmour in favor of a “grand coalition of the rights and all patriots” to “build a majority” in the June legislative elections “against Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Melenchon”.

But Louis Aliot, vice-president of the RN and mayor of Perpignan, considered the appeal premature and “too vague”. “We didn’t say no. We will discuss it after the presidential election”, he replied on Europe 1. But “if it is to play with old coalitions, (…) stop”, he warned, judging that “the union of the rights is to put oneself in a corner, and prevent millions of French people from coming to join us”. “We want to go beyond this union of the rights”, confirmed Sébastien Chenu, spokesperson for the RN, on Cnews, also preferring to “wait” for the outcome of the presidential election.

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