Marine Tondelier gives herself “150 days” to rebuild the party

With the key to a new name, “Les Écologistes”, EELV will undertake its refoundation. The national secretary of the party, Marine Tondelier stands in the JDD the plan for setting up the “new environmental coalition” promised at the EELV congress.

“We are giving ourselves one hundred and fifty days to build a new movement in a democratic, open and participatory way”, indicates Marine Tondelier who will launch next Thursday the “States General”.

A two-step process

“We want a new environmental coalition. A steering committee of around thirty people will ensure its governance. Half of it will be made up of political leaders and half of qualified personalities, representative of the singularity and diversity of ecology in France”, she explains.

The refoundation process will take place in “two phases”. “A first phase of listening until the beginning of May”, with the organization of “several hundred meetings all over the country”, “a large online survey” and “books of grievances” to send written contributions , audio or video. For the second phase, “a citizens’ conference” will be made up of members “drawn at random from all those who participated in the first part of the process”. Everything “will end at the end of June with a major refoundation convention”.

Marine Tondelier “claims” on the other hand not to know precisely “on what we will land”. “We only propose a name: The Ecologists, because we claim a unifying and indivisible ecology”, adds the new leader since December.

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