Marine Le Pen: Church sees politicians as a threat to democracy

France’s church warns of Le Pen and sees democracy at risk

The Protestant Church in France is opposed to the election of Marine Le Pen

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The French Protestant Church sees presidential candidate Marine Le Pen as a threat to democracy. In an urgent appeal, the church has warned against the Rassemblement National’s proposals.

The Protestant Church in France has urgently warned against an election of the right-wing Marine Le Pen as President and has drawn parallels with National Socialism.

“The National Council of the United Protestant Church of France calls to protect our democracy, which is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to block the proposals of the Rassemblement National based on the questioning of fundamental freedoms, exclusion and a total break with the fundamental principles of the republic,” the church said in a statement on Wednesday.

Church sees Marine Le Pen as a threat

“We commemorate all those who stood up before us in the name of the gospel to join others in resisting fascist and totalitarian threats and who recognized the real dangers behind the calming speeches,” it said. Evangelical Christians believed in brotherhood regardless of skin color and in the God-given dignity of each individual, and advocated the admission of foreigners. “This identity is stronger than the feeling of declassification or contempt.”

It is the task of the politicians, together with the people of the country, to create an alternative of brotherhood and solidarity that respects fundamental freedoms. The construction sites of a future government would have to be social justice and respect for others, education and the protection of creation.

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