Marina Bay Sands: Singapore’s coolest hotel with the Instagram pool

Similar to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Marina Bay Sands has made history: Due to their extraordinary architecture, these hotel buildings have much more than just an overnight function: They should, as an ingenious move in city travel marketing, place the places on the world map of tourism so that they cannot be overlooked succeeded in both cases.

The Marina Bay Sands Resort, which opened in 2010, was not only planned as an extravagant place to stay with a view of Singapore, but as a completely new district. The complex also includes a casino, a shopping and restaurant mall, two theaters, a 120,000 square meter convention center, two crystal pavilions floating on the water with the Louis Vuitton boutique and the ArtScience Museum in the form of a lotus flower as well as its own Metro station.

The architect Moshe Safdie, who had already designed several museums in Canada and the new building of the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, crowned the three hotel towers with a roof garden with a terrace in the form of a curved bridge protruding far above the building. Thus, the city has a viewing platform and the world’s largest infinity pool on a high-rise roof at a height of 190 meters.

Hotel icon as a travel destination

Behind the € 4.6 billion project is the Las Vegas Sands Corporation of the entrepreneur Sheldon Adelson, who died in 2020 and who made a fortune with casinos, hotels and trade fairs in Las Vegas and Macau, among others, and who is a generous donor for the presidential candidates of the US Republicans turned out to be.

The resort in Singapore had developed so successfully that an extension to include a fourth hotel tower including an arena with 50,000 seats was planned, the opening of which has been postponed until 2027 due to the pandemic.

But with the outbreak of the pandemic and the absence of foreign visitors, sales collapsed. As a result, five-star hotels like the Marina Bay Sands cut their room prices by half. In the hermetically sealed city-state, this led to the boom in the holiday trend “staycation”, a word created from the English terms “stay” and “vacation”. Couples now treat themselves to a break in their own country and enjoy the luxury, especially on weekends.

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