Marijuana brownies: Mom hands out son’s cake at elder care center

Cannabis Cake
Choir director bakes marijuana brownies – his mother doesn’t know it and takes them to the senior center

The brownies that the mother gave out at the senior center contained marijuana (symbolic photo)

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A group of seniors at a community center in South Dakota felt uncomfortable after eating brownies. When the local sheriff got to the bottom of the matter, he made an amazing discovery.

A man has been arrested in the small town of Tabor, South Dakota after his mother unknowingly distributed his marijuana brownies to senior citizens at the local community center. Michael K., 46-year-old Bon Homme County school district choirmaster, was arrested Jan. 5, a day after the local sheriff’s office investigated reports of “possible poisoning” at the community center, US media citing now published court documents report.

Mom says she didn’t know about marijuana brownies

“An investigation into the incident led me to believe that the patients were all under the influence of THC from a batch of brownies brought to the community center by the suspect’s mother,” the investigating officer wrote. The abbreviation THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant that is primarily responsible for the intoxication of consuming hashish or marijuana.

The mother told the sheriff she had no idea about the explosive ingredient in the brownies and testified that “her son Michael made a tin of brownies and she took them to the card game at the community center.” quotes the US broadcaster NBC News from the court documents. She handed over the rest of the small chocolate cakes to the police. Two people told the officer they learned that Michael K. had been in the state of Colorado, where marijuana is legal for people over the age of 21, over the weekend and had returned with marijuana products.

“Michael admitted bringing a pound of THC butter to make the tray of brownies and then went to bed and his mother unknowingly took the brownies to the card game where several people ate them,” the US quote quoted as saying. Media from the documents. “Michael said the remaining half pound of butter was still at his house.”

K. handed over the remaining THC butter to the investigators, it is said. He was released on $3,000 bail and is now facing charges of drug possession.

Sources: NBC News, KHAK 98.1


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