“Many answers are at the top of the State”, estimates Xavier Bertrand

Xavier Bertrand, outgoing president of Hauts-de-France. – M.Voituron / SIPA

  • Xavier Bertrand is a candidate for his succession to the presidency of Hauts-de-France.
  • He also declared that he would contest the presidency of the Republic from Emmanuel Macron in 2022.
  • For him, on many subjects, decisions are not taken in the region, but at the Elysée.

The current president of Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand, is a candidate for his own succession for the regional elections which will take place on June 20 and 27. Thursday evening, in the show of BFM Grand Lille, Political Lille, in partnership with 20 minutes, he defended the program, the main themes of which often go beyond the prerogatives of a regional president.

Candidate for his own succession at the head of Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand is also openly targeting the Elysée in 2022. A double hat which, according to him, can be an advantage for the region. “I say things clearly while some are wandering. On employment, industry, health, wind power, safety, the answers are mostly made at the top of the state, ”he says. If he is re-elected in Hauts-de-France on June 20 or 27, he will leave almost immediately to campaign for the presidential election. And that he does not sit in the region if he is elected President of the Republic does not bother him: “Do you think that I managed the region alone for six years? I have a solid team, ”assumes Xavier Bertrand.

He defends and keeps the controversial Proch’emploi system

Often tackled on the balance sheet of his Proch’emploi operation, the candidate now has perfect control over his distribution. “If only one person had found work, it was worth it,” he explains. Xavier Bertrand adds all the same that he has reached “90%” his goal of getting out of unemployment 60,000 job seekers. Suddenly, this device, he wishes to keep it despite the controversy.

The downward trend in unemployment in the region, Xavier Bertrand grants it to companies, of course, but he believes that this is also due to the “favorable environment” that he created during his term of office: “We helped companies, many companies, thousands, so that they allow us to find jobs, ”he insists. And on the social plans intervened in the industry in recent years, in particular Bridgestone, the candidate Bertrand recognizes that he cannot prevent the factories from closing: “With the elected officials, we still obtained a PSE higher than 60%. And those who lost their jobs, 300 have already found a job. And we are not off with this file, ”he assures us.

On the environment, Xavier Bertrand does not consider himself to be outdone. And on the question of energy, he remains straight in his boots: “Nuclear power, you have better carbon-free energy”, he asks. He therefore wishes to continue along this path: “When the Gravelines power station closes, I want there to be two EPRs in the region,” he adds. Wind farms, very little for him: “It destroys the landscapes and surrounds the populations. There are too many and I wish the rules would change. This is also why I am running for president ”.

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