Managers of a management center found responsible for the suicide of an agent

It took nine years to reach a conviction. On Wednesday September 6, the Morbihan Court of Appeal sentenced two former managers of a public service center to 18 months in prison. Justice considered that they had some responsibility in the suicide of an agent. According to West Francethe two former officials are also banned from holding public office for five years.

In August 2014, the deputy director of the Morbihan management center killed himself by jumping from a bridge. In a letter written before his desperate action, the man clearly blamed his superiors, denouncing a situation of harassment. The administrative court recognized the decisive role of the managers in the agent’s action, but not the Vannes criminal court, which acquitted the two defendants. The court of appeal preferred to do justice to the victim, and condemned the former director of the management center, aged 67, and the former mayor who chaired the structure.

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