Man steals a dollar in bank robbery because he wants to go to jail

He desperately wanted to go to jail: Man robs a dollar from bank and waits for the police

The bank robber only asked for a one dollar bill

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A bank robber in the US carried out his act with a clear goal: he wanted to go to jail. His haul was only one dollar.

As a rule, bank robbers are after large sums of money – and they try at all costs not to be caught. On the other hand, a man in Salt Lake City, Utah, went into a bank with very different intentions. The 65-year-old made very little loot, and apparently only because he really wanted to go to prison.

According to the police, he handed the bank employees a note that read: “Please excuse me for doing this, but this is a bank robbery. Please give me a dollar. Thank you.” In fact, the staff complied with the polite request, handed the man a dollar and asked him to leave. In view of the low demand, the employees apparently did not want to provoke trouble. But apparently the robber wasn’t interested in the money: he asked the employees to just call the police.

Man complained to bank robbery that police came so late

He himself waited patiently on a chair in the lobby until officers arrived and took him away. Apparently that didn’t go fast enough for him either: while he was waiting, the perpetrator complained that the police were taking so long. The bank employees could be glad that he didn’t have a gun with him.

The clerk fends off a bank robber

With the arrest, the man achieved exactly what he wanted to achieve with his bank robbery. According to local broadcaster KSL, he testified during interrogation that he committed the robbery because he wanted to go to federal prison. Why exactly he wanted to be behind bars was not known. Because of the small amount stolen and because the perpetrator was not armed, the penalty should be relatively small. But the man has already announced that if he is released from prison, he wants to commit another bank robbery.

Sources: Salt Lake City Police Department / KSL

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