Man indicted for attempted murder after hitting his partner with a trowel

The Bordeaux prosecutor’s office “wishes to emphasize” the intervention of a witness “who came to the victim’s rescue” without whom the latter “could no longer be alive to this day”. A 49-year-old suspect was indicted on Wednesday for attempted murder against his wife, and placed in pre-trial detention, the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office said on Thursday to 20 minutes.

Monday January 10 in Villenave d’Ornon, in the southern suburbs of Bordeaux, passers-by heard screams coming from a neighboring house. “They then saw a woman being beaten in the face by a man, in particular using a trowel”, indicates the prosecution. “The gate being locked, one of the witnesses jumped over it and intervened to stop the individual who was baiting the victim. This witness was forced to “use violence to subdue” the individual.

Multiple fractures in the face

The 47-year-old victim of Portuguese descent was hospitalized. “She has multiple fractures on the face and was not audible given her condition which required an operation of nearly eight hours,” said the prosecution. She suffers in particular from “various bruises and wounds, some of which are very deep in the face”. The CT scan revealed that “all the bones of the face have been broken.” She also has sores on her hands. Its vital prognosis is however not engaged.

The suspect, the victim’s spouse, is a 49-year-old man from Mozambique. He was first taken care of by the firefighters, taken to CHU Pellegrin, then placed in police custody.

” I’m going to kill you “

It emerges from the hearings of the various witnesses, alerted by the “continuous” screams of the victim, that the suspect “would have repeatedly hit his partner in the face, and at the same time telling her” I am going to kill you “” . The latter acknowledged the violence exerted on his wife on Monday, but disputes the attempted murder. However, “the testimonies of the witnesses gathered on the spot all insist on his determination and on the remarks which he made while hitting her with the trowel”.

Checks are underway in Portugal, where the couple is from, but also in Spain, where he would have resided before settling in France ten years ago. The couple’s three children (two adults, and a 15-year-old minor who attended school in Pessac) were heard. The teenager was the subject of an immediate provisional placement order.

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