Mali-Tunisia’s final whistle given before the end of the 90 minutes, the match goes into a spin

It’s good, put everything down, raise your hands, we are already having THE craziest controversy of this African Cup of Nations. On Wednesday, the Tunisia-Mali referee surpassed himself by whistling twice, in the space of five minutes, the end of the match while the regulation time had not elapsed, causing the fury of the Tunisians, then led 1-0 by the Eagles of Mali.

After a completely WTF first final whistle in the 85th minute, Mr. Janny Sikazwe admitted his mistake and resumed the game, before whistling again at the end of the ball even though we were playing the 89th minute and 47 seconds. This time, the entire Tunisian delegation is crying scandal, coach Mondher Kebaier frantically waving his watch under the noses of officials. The referee quartet had to leave under security escort in the face of the anger of the Carthage Eagles.

Tunisians refuse to come back to play

But the skit doesn’t stop there. Once the players in the locker room, about twenty minutes after the “final” whistle, everyone learned that the match would finally resume for three minutes. Problem, while the eleven Malians were about to leave for a short round, no Tunisian player appeared on the lawn, forcing the referee to whistle for good at the end of the match. On paper, Mali therefore won 1-0 but this affair is certainly far, far from over.

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