Macron re-elected, record abstention… An unprecedented second round in several respects

“And one, and two, and five more years!” On the Champ-de-Mars (Paris 7th), this Sunday at 8 p.m., supporters of Emmanuel Macron celebrated the re-election of their champion in the second round of the presidential election. But beyond the reappointment of the Head of State at the helm of the country, what should we retain from this result? We take stock of the main lessons of this second round.

The outgoing re-elected, a first

This had never happened since the establishment of the election of the President of the Republic by universal suffrage, outside the period of cohabitation. Emmanuel Macron becomes the first President of the Republic to return to the Elysee Palace, with nearly 59% of the vote, according to estimates by various polling institutes at the time of writing these lines. For this return match, Emmanuel Macron however loses eight points against Marine Le Pen compared to his 2017 score. The one who had gathered only a third of the voters five years ago is progressing, recording more than 41% of the vote. expressed. “Our ideas are reaching heights never before reached in a second round,” said the candidate in a speech delivered shortly after 8 p.m., daring to hail a “brilliant victory”.

A record abstention

Never had the second round attracted so little voters. The various polling institutes estimate abstention at 28%, a level not reached since 1969, when the left had boycotted a second round opposing two Gaullist candidates. The “republican front” against the National Rally, which had led to a burst of mobilization in the second round in 2002 and 2017, was much less successful this year. For exemple, according to Ipsos41% of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters did not speak this year (abstention, blank or null vote) against a third in 2017. The rebellious leader also underlined this Sunday evening “the ocean of abstention, of blank and invalid ballots” which marked the second round.

For his second five-year term, the President of the Republic will therefore not be able to claim a massive membership vote. “Many of our compatriots voted for me to block the far right, recognized Emmanuel Macron in his victory speech at the Champ-de-Mars. I am aware that this vote obliges me for the years to come, I am the custodian of their sense of duty. “Also underlining the high number of abstentionists, the Head of State promised a “new era which will not be the continuity of the five-year period which is coming to an end”.

Eyes on the legislative

If the re-elected president did not mention the legislative elections on 12th and 17th June next in his speech, limiting himself to promising a “refounded method” to govern the country for the next five years, he was indeed the only one. “Tonight we are launching the great electoral battle for the legislative elections […]. With this evening’s historic score, we are in a good position to obtain a large number of deputies,” declared Marine Le Pen, specifying that she would lead this campaign.

Eric Zemmour, for his part, called on the “national camp” to unite against the “two blocks” which will face each other next June, “one macronist and the other Islamo-leftist”. “The third round starts tonight! “, also launched Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who applied for Matignon, before calling for union on the left.

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