Macron is a hit in Toulouse, Le Pen is progressing in the surrounding countryside

The day after Emmanuel’s re-election Macron, 20 minutess takes stock of the salient results of this presidential election in Toulouse, and more broadly in Haute-Garonne which voted for the outgoing at 64.42%. But Marine Le Pen has gained 60,000 votes between two presidential elections.

Toulouse faithful to its tradition of moderation

The Pink City, which had turned red in the first round by placing, as in 2017, Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the lead (36.96% with 10 points ahead of the outgoing president) remains, like the other major cities, refractory on the far right. She voted for Macron with 77.48%, which suggests that the transfer of leftist votes was very good and that the “dam” was solid. The re-elected president won 76,000 votes between the two rounds, while null and blank votes remained at the same level as in 2017 and abstention was lower at 29.49% compared to 32.60% in the second round of 2017.

The final result in the capital of Occitania should not, however, mask the notable progress of a demonized National Rally. In absolute value, Marine Le Pen has gained 5.5 points in five years. In voice, she wins nearly 10,000 ballots compared to the 2017 final when Emmanuel Macron loses 6,000.

Comminges and Saint-Jory vote for Le Pen

By expanding to Toulouse metropolis, Emmanuel Macron also performs in the most populated municipalities. It is 67% in Colomiers, 69.57% in Sain-Orens, whose mayor Monique Faure has invested a lot behind the tenant of the Elysée, or 70.71% in Blagnac. Only one municipality in the metropolis voted with a majority for Marine Le Pen. This is Saint-Jory where the candidate won 53.29% of the vote, against 42.52% five years ago.

If the Haute-Garonne voted Macron at 64.42%, the push of the RN in rural areas is striking. More than 200 small towns have painted themselves in navy blue, particularly in Comminges. Martres-Tolosane, the stronghold of Carole Delga, the socialist president of the Occitanie region, is no exception to the phenomenon: Marine Le Pen clearly wins there with 54.12% of the votes.

Finally, concerning the former Midi-Pyrenees, Tarn-et-Garonne is the only department to have placed the RN in the lead, with 52.02% of the vote.

Two 100% Macron micro-municipalities

Finally, in the game of anecdotes, two very small municipalities in Haute-Garonne voted 100% for the outgoing president. This is Baren, a small village at the foot of the Pyrenees, where 8 of the 12 registered voted, including 6 for Emmanuel Macron, the other two preferring a blank vote. Same full card about twenty kilometers away, in Caubous which has 7 registered: 3 voted for Emmanuel Macron, three others voted blank and the seventh abstained.

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