Ludwig Spaenle finds fulfillment as anti-Semitism commissioner – Bavaria

He was super minister for culture and science until Prime Minister Markus Söder surprisingly catapulted him out of office. Spaenle’s political career seemed to be over. But now the man from Munich has found his true fulfillment – in an office that was initially ridiculed as a club.


Roman Deininger and Uwe Ritzer

Ludwig Spaenle could certainly tell a lot about a full decade as Bavarian Minister of State, but it is his fate that the extremely abrupt end of this time in particular is of particular interest. It was March 2018, Markus Söder had just been promoted to prime minister and apparently thought a little cruelty among friends was the right signal of independence and consistency. He threw the Minister of Education Spaenle out of the cabinet – he of all people, the loyal supporter, old buddy and godfather of his son. At that time, Spaenle composed two short sentences about Söder, which gave a delicate idea of ​​his injury: “I wish him all the best. And real friends.”

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