LREM ready for alliances to block the RN “in all regions”, assures Bergé

The presidential party LREM intends to thwart the National Rally in all regions to avoid trivializing the ability of Marine Le Pen’s party to come to power. – SYSPEO / SIPA

“I hope that the National Gathering will be defeated in all regions, otherwise at the risk of trivializing the capacity of the National Gathering to access responsibilities and power”, declared Friday the deputy president of the presidential party LREM, Aurore. Bank.

Because “it will never be trivial that the National Gathering can win a community, that we have mayors of the National Gathering and even less presidents of regions tomorrow,” she argued on France 2 nine days before the first. regional tour.

Alliances and calls to vote

Asked whether La République en Marche would call for a vote for the outgoing president of Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand (ex-LR) if he is in the second round against the RN candidate Sébastien Chenu, Aurore Bergé said he did not have ” there has never been any ambiguity on this subject: if the National Rally is able to win and we are not able to make it beaten, then we will have to take our responsibilities and we will obviously have to call for a vote for the one who can make it beaten “.

The deputy and spokesperson of the party Mounir Mahjoubi had specified this strategy at the end of May: at the end of the first round, “those with whom we think that on our pillars and our values ​​we are able to make an alliance, we will make an alliance. Those with whom we think it is not possible and if the RN represents a danger, we will have the responsibility to withdraw, ”he said.

“The reciprocal is expected”

For Aurore Bergé, “the reciprocal is expected”, not for LREM “as a political party, but by the French in terms of clarity vis-à-vis the positioning of political parties with regard to the National Front”.

The leader of the LREM deputies Christophe Castaner had defended at the end of May the strategy of the “republican front” in the second round of the regional elections against the National Gathering which he had described as a “racist party”.

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