Lower Bavaria: Andreas Scheuer gives up CSU district chairmanship – Bavaria

Former Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer wants to hand over the CSU district presidency in Lower Bavaria to the incumbent Bavarian Minister of Transport, Christian Bernreiter. At the district party conference on July 8, he will no longer be available for election, the 48-year-old told the Bayern media group. “My decision has been clear to me personally for a very, very long time.” At the request of the media group and subject to the approval of the delegates, Bernreiter agreed to take over the office.

One of the recipes for success of the CSU in Lower Bavaria is that at the head of the district association there is always a person who holds an outstanding position in the state or in parliament, Scheuer justified his resignation in the year of the state election. “It is therefore the logical consequence that Christian Bernreiter takes over this function from me. As Minister of State, he radiates power for this election.”

Scheuer announced that Bernreiter should take over the traditional speech by the district chairman for Lower Bavaria on political Ash Wednesday. For his part, Bernreiter says he is happy about the suggestion to succeed Scheuer. “It is a great responsibility to take over the district chairmanship of the CSU Lower Bavaria in the year of the state election, but I have never shied away from responsibility.”

With a view to his own personal future, Scheuer added that he was fascinated by the innovations of young companies. In addition, Bavaria could use a more active foreign trade policy, and he is President of the Asia Bridge – the continent includes many more countries than China, and he wants to establish partnerships there.

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