Love trio from Munich: Anna Konjetzky, Sahra Huby, Quindell Orton – Munich

The dancers Anna Konjetzky, Sahra Huby and Quindell Orton have been in a love and work relationship for almost seven years. They say: There are advantages to being a three. But society does not yet believe in a relationship like theirs.


Rita Argauer

A small house in Munich with a cat and a garden. “The cat is the real boss,” replies the choreographer Anna Konjetzky when asked how to deal with hierarchies in a relationship when everyone involved creates art together. Meanwhile, the black animal sneaks around the dancer Quindell Orton with alien-like eyes shining through the screen of the zoom conversation. Just like cats do. Three windows appear on the screen when you meet the Orton-Konjetzky-Huby family. Digital, because Huby and Konjetzky are currently working in Copenhagen for a few weeks. Subject: their relationship. The constellation: three people.


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