Louis on France 2 is Hexakil on Twitch, the double life of a player

“It’s super funny when you have someone coming into the live and asking questions about everything. “In the middle of a game of Pokémon Pinball, Hexakil grilled the curiosity of 20 minutes, who slipped into his live on Twitch of the day after more than two and a half hours of question and answer. Since January 27, it is as Louis, that viewers of Do not forget the lyrics (NOPLP) find him every evening, maestro’s microphone in hand. But the face of this 27-year-old Landais was already known on the Web.

With a first video published on YouTube in 2014, it is already in music that Internet users discover his voice online. there parody TremendousStromae’s song, turning it into banishablewhose lyrics referenced the video game League of Legends. Three years and around forty rewritten songs later, he participated in the Z Event in 2017. « ZeratoR [l’organisateur de cette levée de fonds en direct sur Twitch] congratulated me on my journey in NOPLP “, he confides. Far from being trivial, the anecdote shows how Hexakil has managed to draw a link between television and the world of streaming. “I just learned songs by heart,” he warns, far from considering himself a star.

After taking his first steps on Twitch, he announced to his community his intention to participate in the France 2 game and began intensive training at the end of August 2018. “I structured my revisions as I went along”, rewinds he. The dream comes true four years later when he is selected for the show and arrives backstage with his pink suitcase. With 32 victories on the clock and a place among the “masters”, his objective today is to “secure his place” among the 32 best maestros of the show. “I’m so glad I made it, I bothered you so much with this,” he says, smiling as his ball is propelled by Pikachu’s lightning bolts in the bottom right of the screen.

“Used to be in front of the camera”

Past ambassador of the Vitality team, the first e-sports club in France, he lives entirely from his digital activity although his contract ended in February. Louis believes that his profession has facilitated his rise alongside Nagui. “Even if it’s not the same thing, I’m used to being in front of the camera, to hosting, to having people watching what I do…”

Ransom for a recurring passage of his face on television, Hexakil knows that he is not unanimous. “I’m suicidal, I even watch the show’s fan groups,” he laughs. His experience as a streamer also helps him put things into perspective. “They have the right not to like me but then when they don’t like you, they go! It’s ten messages under each publication to say that you are a horrible person. “Armoured” regarding these criticisms, he puts it into perspective. “Just because I was making songs related to League of Legends at times, I took death threats so I confess that just a little old guy who is pissed because he does not like my face in a TV show, frankly it’s fine. »

Its streams, whose duration sometimes exceeds five hours, are also an asset in the management of television recordings. Because if only two emissions are diffused each evening, it is about fifteen sleeves of the play which are turned in one day. “When I see the rhythm of filming, being trained to make long recordings like that and to keep a minimum of concentration, it helps anyway. »

Nagui on Twitch “if the opportunity arises”

“Ah, it’s hard, everything pissed me off, I’m devastated,” exclaims Hexakil, hand on head, visibly ending his part of the game in failure. Too focused on his answers to our questions, we did not fully understand the objectives to be met to win. Never mind, it is on the set of France 2 that he will win a new potential victory the same evening. While he hopes “to be a pretty decent representative of TV streaming,” the streamer believes his double-cap is unintentional. “I just wanted to participate in the show, even if I had been a speech therapist,” he explains, referring to the studies he followed before making a career on the internet.

Could the experience go so far as to reverse the roles and allow Louis to receive Nagui on his Twitch channel? “It is not planned and it is not excluded, he believes. I think I’m comfortable enough with him that, if the opportunity arises, I can stream with him. »

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