Lotto winner advisor Lutz Trabalski on new millionaires – economy

Lutz Trabalski advises people who have won millions in the lottery. A conversation about the biggest winnings, brazen cheaters and the reason why he wouldn’t even tell his own wife.

Interview by

Bernd Kramer

A 1950s building in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. An older man is standing at the counter in the entrance, he has won 1000 euros, the woman explains to him and slips the form under the window, the request for winnings, please fill in once with bank details. If you win more, a lot more, you usually don’t stay at the counter, you go through the glass door one floor up to Lutz Trabalski. Trabalski, born in 1961, once worked for the Berlin lottery company while studying environmental technology – and stayed. Today he advises the big winners. Trabalski offers the corner seat of a conference table, on the right side of the window. There usually sit the millionaires and multimillionaires, the lucky children. “Maybe you can empathize with that then.”

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