Lottery player receives millions in winnings – after being robbed

Two kiosk sellers had stolen his ticket: the lottery player finally gets his million-dollar prize

Lottery winner Paul Little

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He had won the lottery for three million dollars – and then lost the receipt. Paul Little from Massachusetts thought he was just very unlucky. But in truth he was robbed.

Paul Little of Lakeville, USA, thought nothing of it when he walked into a kiosk one evening to quickly buy a packet of chips for TV night. He saw that the lottery jackpot was quite a large sum and decided to fill in two more tickets just now. The clerk, Carly Nunes, scanned his purchases and printed them out receipts for his tickets. But when the man packed up his things and left the store, he overlooked the receipt and left it behind.

Normally a salesperson would now have put the receipt aside and kept it until someone asked for it. Or else throw them away at some point. But Carly Nunes, 24, and her colleague Joseph Reddem pocketed them themselves instead – and found a little later that the numbers they typed had actually brought in a hefty profit. Paul Little, meanwhile, thought he’d lost the receipt somewhere along the way and didn’t bother to ask at the kiosk.

Lottery win: Vendor stole receipt

While the Massachusetts man frantically saw that his After the numbers had been drawn, the two kiosk sellers took the stolen receipt to the lottery headquarters. There they reported their prize and the employees were actually already preparing the payout when one of them overheard a dispute between the two “winners”: Carly Nunes didn’t want her colleague half, but only ten percent of the three won million US dollars (around 2.7 million euros) – finally have she found the receipt.

The lottery headquarters immediately stopped paying out, put the two of them off and began investigating the case in the background. The police were informed and videos from the store’s surveillance cameras were checked and evaluated. And on these it was clear to see that at the same time the receipt was printed, Paul Little had hit his lottery numbers. The case was clear: Little was the real winner.

Video recordings clarified the case

And so, half a year late, he actually got the win that he hadn’t expected at all. “I really have a whole new appreciation for what the lottery is doing to ensure the right winners get their prize. I can’t say enough good things about the people who have helped me get to where I am now.” He wants to use the three million dollars to pay off his house – and donate a lot to a good cause.

The story ended less well for the two thieves: Carly Nunes is currently in custody. Her colleague also stood before the judge, but was released for the time being.

Sources: “unilad”, CBS News

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