Lost Places between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea: where champagne used to flow

Author Georg Lux and photographer Helmuth Weichselbraun were already committed to Lost Places before they became a trend. For their new work they have set out on the trail of the forgotten villages between the Alpine valleys and the Adriatic coast. Discarded train stations and overgrown ruins, long-closed factories and unfortunate relics of war, deep tunnels and abandoned hotels: They are all silent witnesses to the historical vicissitudes that have shaken this region over the past centuries.

“Over the years we have actually developed a kind of relationship with this topic and have specialized in places that are said to have a past but no future. That sounds morbid and it is,” write the author and photographer . “Of course, the rough charm of transience plays a role in this fascination, especially visually. In terms of content, we don’t want to sugarcoat anything, blur anything, paint anything,” they promise. “This book is about something abandoned that we don’t think should be forgotten.”

From lost place gems to insider tips

And so Lux and Weichselbraun take the readers on an exciting expedition. The journey leads through Carinthia to Italy, through Slovenia and Croatia. On the route there are a few insider tips as well as the stars among the Lost Places to be discovered.

The official yacht of the former Yugoslav head of state Josip Broz Tito is certainly one of the highlights among the Lost Places. Nothing remains of the former splendor that attracted Hollywood celebrities. Today, the 117 meter long ship is anchored in Rijeka, Croatia, awaiting its fate.

Not far away, the world’s first torpedo launcher juts out into the sea. The skeleton that can be admired today is the listed remains of what was once a huge armaments factory: the Whitehead torpedo factory.

And in the ruins of Haludovo, one can glimpse the splendor of what was once the hippest luxury hotel on the Croatian island of Krk. Instead of champagne, only the rain drips from the ceiling.

“Lost Places in the Alps-Adriatic Region” by Georg Lux and Helmuth Weichselbraun. Published by Styria Buchverlag, 208 pages. Price: 27 euros.

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