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In Löningen (Cloppenburg district), several men are said to have shouted inflammatory slogans at a party hit at the shooting festival. State security is investigating, and the shooting club has distanced itself from the incident.

The background to the investigation is a video that, according to the police, is circulating on the Internet. It shows several men who are apparently celebrating at the shooting festival in the Bunnen district of Löningen on Whit Monday. To the melody of the song “L’amour Toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino, they bellow the lines “Germany for the Germans” and “Foreigners out” into the camera. Some of them come close to the camera with their faces, raise their hands and are obviously celebrating wildly.



Guests at a celebrity bar in Kampen sing racist slogans and show Nazi gestures. The original source of the video can no longer be determined, but the video is considered authentic. (05/24/2024) 1 min

Nazi slogans “incompatible with our view of humanity”

Witnesses presented this video to the police and filed a report, according to a statement on Friday. The State Security Department of the Cloppenburg/Vechta Police Department has launched an investigation. “In a cosmopolitan and tolerant society that has just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Basic Law, such behavior is incompatible with our view of humanity,” said Police Chief Andreas Sagehorn.

Songs could be heard at the club party

According to Gregor Meyer, president of the Bunnen shooting club, the shooting festival in Löningen was well attended – young and old celebrated together there on Whit Monday. During the event, singing could be heard from a corner of the festival tent. The club president said the DJ didn’t hear any of it. The board said it was dismayed. “We are shocked,” Meyer told NDR Niedersachsen.

Club wants to wait for police investigation

The club found out about the video on Tuesday after the long Whitsun weekend. On Tuesday, the president “clearly distanced himself from right-wing extremist slogans” to visitors to the shooting festival, it said in a statement on Friday. “Our shooting club in particular is diverse. Everyone is welcome here.” Meyer does not know who the suspects are. Therefore, no consequences have been drawn, he told NDR Lower Saxony. The police investigation will be awaited first. The club’s board will deal with the incident next week.

Video shows similar incident on Sylt

A similar incident had just come to light on the island In Sylt, several people sang the same xenophobic phrases to the melody of this song. There are videos of this too. And in Messingen in Emsland, guests are said to have also sung xenophobic slogans at a public celebration at Christmas. Here, too, the police are investigating on suspicion of incitement. According to the police, the owner of the restaurant reported the incident.

Further information

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