Lohr am Main: Young person led investigators on a cruel trail – Bavaria

After the violent death of a 14-year-old on a school campus in Lohr am Main, the police have announced further details about the case. Accordingly, a 14-year-old reported to the police station in Lohr in the Main-Spessart district on Friday afternoon and told the officers that a friend of his had allegedly “killed someone.” This is what Enrico Ball, spokesman for the Lower Franconia police headquarters, reports.

The officers had initially hoped that the teenager was giving false information. Nevertheless, patrol officers made their way to the possible crime scene at the Lohr school center, which houses the high school, middle school and special needs school. There the officers found the 14-year-old in the bushes in a narrow green space at the school complex. The teenager had serious external injuries to his upper body. An emergency doctor could only determine his death; resuscitation measures that had been initiated were unsuccessful.

According to initial findings, the criminal police now assume that the young people met on the grounds of the school center. What exactly happened there must first be determined, says police spokesman Ball. The police are hoping that the results of a forensic medical examination will provide important information about how exactly the 14-year-old died.

The area at the school continued to be searched during the night and on Saturday morning. Among other things, a police dog was on duty. Investigators are still looking for a possible murder weapon. According to SZ information, the young person was probably the victim of blunt force.

The arrested teenager is to be brought before the investigating judge on Saturday

That evening, around 6 p.m., a suspect from the Main-Spessart district was temporarily arrested in his parents’ house. According to police information, he is also a teenager, a “young teenager,” says an investigator. The young person is scheduled to be brought before the investigating judge this Saturday. He then has to decide on possible pre-trial detention. The arrested young person is therefore not of criminal responsibility – unlike in the case in Wunsiedel in Upper Franconia. On Tuesday it became known that an eleven-year-old under the age of criminal responsibility was said to be responsible for the violent death of a ten-year-old girl in a children’s home. According to the investigation, he strangled the girl after an argument.

The investigators initially did not want to provide any information about the possible background to the crime in the town of Lohr, which has a population of 15,000. There is no “confirmed information” about this yet, says Police Chief Inspector Ball, and this is currently the subject of criminal investigations. The suspect was interviewed for the first time in the evening hours.

The investigators assume that the young people met on the school grounds and possibly even arranged to meet. The fact that they know each other from the school center is “very obvious,” an investigator told the SZ on Saturday morning. The alleged crime scene alone makes a deliberate meeting on the site likely. The location is a little away from the school grounds, and it is unlikely that people would meet at this point by chance, says the investigator.

The teenager who put the investigators on the trail is listed as a witness. The investigation would have to show exactly when he found out about the incident and whether and when exactly he was at the crime scene. There is no suspicion of any involvement in the crime. All three young people come from the region in Lower Franconia. The relatives of the 14-year-old who was killed have been receiving psychological care since Friday.

In Bavaria there are school holidays up to and including Monday. The school center in Lohr, located near the main road to Würzburg, is also a popular meeting place for young people from the region during the holidays. The area offers a sports and basketball court as well as a green area with benches, and there is an American fast food restaurant in the immediate vicinity.

Shortly before midnight on Friday, forensic investigators were on the grounds of the school center. Securing evidence relevant to the crime is particularly challenging in this busy area.

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