Living in the future: Markt Schwabener wants to sell Tiny Houses – Ebersberg

How will we live in the future? Entrepreneur Manfred Sparber thinks tiny houses and similar buildings will become more popular. Next year he wants to set up three sustainable model houses in Markt Schwaben and also offer them for sale in the future.

Interviewed by

Merlin Aquarius, Schwabnen market

Manfred Sparber grew up in a South Tyrolean farmhouse with a shingle roof and outhouse, without running water. In 1984 – at the age of 20 – he moved to Munich, where he founded the company Apollo Trend Edition GmbH, which made him prosperous. Now he wants to get involved socially and do something to combat climate change. His approach: using small, modular wooden buildings to make living climate-friendly and sustainable.

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