LIVE – War in Ukraine: Biden invites Zelensky to the White House on Tuesday

In a speech given from the Palais de Chaillot in Paris on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, Emmanuel Macron reiterated France’s “unfailing support” for the International Criminal Court (ICC), after “unacceptable attempts at intimidation of which she was recently the victim”. “There is no peace without justice, the fight against impunity is not negotiable”, also insisted the French president, evoking “an immense work” in the face of “many areas of conflict”, particularly in Ukraine.

“The facts must be documented, qualified, judged,” he insisted, adding that France had deployed “significant means to help international courts” in this mission, in particular “from the start of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, to establish the facts and so that the truth can be established over time and justice can be achieved.” “All victims have the right to justice,” he insisted.

“The path to forgiveness can never be based on impunity and the denial of the rights of victims, it is a fatal confusion”, also insisted Emmanuel Macron, without mentioning the case of Ukraine by name but seeming to echo in the conflict against Russia. He promised that France “will continue to fight” on this subject.

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