LIVE – For Maëlys’ mother’s lawyer, Nordahl Lelandais’ apologies “are not worth much”

His lawyer believes that the lawsuit allowed Colleen de Araujo to “reveal herself”

Even if the family did not expect much from the word of Nordahl Lelandais, Me Fabien Rajon declares that these three weeks of trial allowed certain members of the Clayet-Marrel family to reveal themselves, in particular the sister of Maëlys, Colleen , whom he met at the age of 12 in 2017.

“We saw at the stand a teenager who held Nordahl Lelandais’ gaze, who said strong words to him, who did it with incredible charisma for a 17-year-old teenager. I think this Assizes trial may have allowed him to reveal himself”, affirms the lawyer, live on BFMTV.

The lawyer continues by emphasizing the exemplary nature of Maëlys’ mother in terms of “combativeness” and “dignity”.

“I am happy and proud to have defended this beautiful family”, concludes Me Fabien Rajon.

Maëlys’ family received Lelandais’ apologies “with great indifference”, explains Me Rajon

Live on BFMTV, Maëlys’ mother’s lawyer testifies to the family’s reaction to Nordahl Lelandais’ apologies.

“My clients have received these apologies with great indifference. We are coming to the end of four and a half years of proceedings, during which he had every opportunity, from his first hearing, to tell the whole truth, he did not. done”, explains Me Fabien Rajon.

He specifies that for his clients, the last words of the accused are “not worth much”. “We could not access the sincerity of Nordahl Lelandais,” he adds.

“The important deadline is the verdict which will be rendered in a few hours by this Court of Assizes”.

He also describes live on our antenna “an accused completely cornered by a 23,000-page file which clearly established his personality”, recalling that experts and psychologists have repeatedly mentioned the extremely dangerous character of Nordahl Lelandais during the trial.

Lelandais’ apologies are “not of great value” according to Maëlys’ mother’s lawyer

Awaiting the deliberation, Me Fabien Rajon returns live to the apologies pronounced by Nordahl Lelandais to the attention of the families.

“Nordahl Lelandais had plenty of time during these three weeks of hearing to tell us what really happened that night from August 26 to 27. What he was able to say was of little value to my customers”, estimates the lawyer of the mother of Maëlys.

“We did not get the truth from Nordahl Lelandais, but to be honest, this truth, we did not expect it from his mouth, we have an objective truth, that of the file (…) which is overwhelming for Nordahl Lelandais”, he continues.

Defending Lelandais “is hoping in man”, according to his lawyer

For Me Jakubowicz, defending an accused for such facts, “is to hope in Man, always, and in the function of defense which is undermined”.

“I am proud to see these young people who want to become lawyers and who come to feel all of this”, he continues, live on BFMTV at the exit of the courtroom.

The lawyer, however, refuses to comment on the remarks made by his client this Friday morning.

For Me Laurent Boguet, it is necessary to “verify the authenticity” of the words of Lelandais

When leaving the courtroom, Maëlys’ father’s lawyer also returned to the accused’s last words.

“Obviously, that he undertakes to enroll in a long work, that he apologizes to the family, we have already heard it several times during the trial. The question is to verify its authenticity. in the subject”, comments Me Laurent Boguet.

“Regardless of the acts of will that he manifests, the Court has withdrawn and will, in a few hours, pronounce a verdict”, ends the lawyer.

“He plays comedy”, reacts the father of Maëlys after the apologies of the accused

While the jurors retired to deliberate, Joachim de Araujo told BFMTV that he did not give credit to Nordahl Lelandais’ apologies.

“He plays comedy, true to himself. Yes, I’m waiting for life,” he comments on leaving the courtroom.

The jurors retire to deliberate

After the last statements of the accused, the president reads the questions to be answered by the jurors.

Nordahl Lelandais leaves under escort. The hearing is adjourned.

The jurors retire to deliberate.

‘I apologize to them’: Lelandais’ last words at the helm

It is in a crowded room that Nordahl Lelandais, white shirt and beige pants, pronounces his last words after three weeks of trial at the assizes of Isère.

“As I told you on Friday, I sincerely acknowledge all the facts for which I am accused. I know that the families will never accept my apologies, but I apologize to them with the greatest sincerity”, begins there in total silence.

“I also heard from the experts about the long work I have to do on myself, I’ve already started, but here I’m going to do it with great determination. I’m well aware of everything that’s going on. has passed for 4 years and for 3 weeks and I apologize to them”, he finally declares.

The verdict expected this Friday during the day

The jurors will retire today to deliberate by answering 15 questions in all.

Among them, ten relate to the kidnapping, sequestration and murder of Maëlys.

The last five concern the assaults committed by Nordahl Lelandais on his little cousins, and the possession and recording of child pornography images.

Thursday, Me Fabien Rajon, the lawyer for Maëlys’ mother, asked the jurors for “lucidity” and “firmness”.

Thursday, the Advocate General’s requisitions and the defense at the helm

Thursday, after a long argument, the Advocate General requested life imprisonment with a 22-year security sentence against Nordahl Lelandais for the murder of little Maëlys de Araujo.

In the afternoon, the defendant’s defense took the stand. In turn, the three lawyers of Lelandais tried to humanize their client. Me Alain Jakubowicz notably played on the lack of evidence concerning the fact that Maëlys would have been forced by the dog handler to get into his car.

Our hearing report can be found here.

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