LIVE – Disappearance of Lina in Alsace: the 15-year-old still nowhere to be found, a week later

The story of the first seven days of research

Lina has been missing for a week, while she was on her way to Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station. The disappearance of a “normal child, without problems, sweet, kind and smiling” plunged the town of Plaine into anguish.

Seven days later, investigators are still trying to find the young girl, helped by witnesses, local residents and Lina’s relatives.

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No field research planned

At this stage of the investigation, no more field searches or searches are planned around the place of Lina’s disappearance, BFMTV can confirm today.

Investigators nevertheless retain the right to continue investigations of targeted vehicles, while awaiting the conclusions of the first analyzes of the cars inspected yesterday.

Half a dozen cars inspected and searched yesterday

Renault Clio type vehicles were inspected and searched yesterday in Plaine, Bellefosse, Diespach and Saint-Pierre-Bois.

In Wildersbach, two residents reported to BFMTV that they had seen search teams in white coats as well as a gendarmerie truck interested in a house under construction yesterday morning.

If the hypothesis according to which Lina got into a car on the day of her disappearance is seriously studied by the investigators, “all avenues remain considered”, confirmed the prosecutor two days ago.

Details of the “major operation” carried out yesterday

A “major operation” was carried out yesterday in “several points in the potential area of ​​Lina’s disappearance,” said the Saverne public prosecutor.

The gendarmes targeted half a dozen vehicles of the same model during their search this Friday, BFMTV learned.

All were dark, blue or gray Renault Clios.

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The teenager still nowhere to be found, a week later

Lina hasn’t given any sign of life for a week, as she left to take the train to join her boyfriend in Strasbourg.

The research carried out since then has yielded nothing at this stage and all hypotheses are on the table.

Hello everyone

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