Liquid cocaine, cannabis pollen… customs officers multiply exorbitant seizures

The case of the passenger arrested with a suitcase of 20 kg of cocaine, on October 3, at Blagnac airport marked the spirits. But this seizure is not the only blow lately dealt to drug traffickers by the Toulouse customs department.

On September 27, its agents also intercepted a Brazilian traveler, coming from Sao Paulo, via Amsterdam, in possession a priori of three bottles of alcohol. Except that the glass bottles actually contained almost 5 kg of liquid cocaine.

“Full” tank and refrigerated truck

Same region, different place, the customs officers also made two good catches in Aveyron, near the Millau viaduct. The first on September 21 when they inspected a “road unit” coming from Morocco and passing through Spain. It was the tank that intrigued the specialist dog. And for good reason, it contained 120 kg of cannabis pollen, very concentrated in active ingredients. At at least 10 euros per gram on resale, the smugglers transported a cargo of more than 1.2 million euros.

Big loss too, the next day at the same place for the refrigerated truck carrying “ten Moroccan suitcases”, evening 327 kg of cannabis pollen in all. A jackpot of more than three million euros which will never reach its destination.

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