Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski have settled their accounts

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Yesterday evening, Argentina composted their ticket for the 1/8th finals of the World Cup by beating Poland 2 to 0. During the meeting, Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi, whose relations are rather fresh, had a tense exchange. Author of a fault on the Pulga, the Pole wanted to apologize. But the Argentinian ignored him. This caused reactions on social networks and in the press. After the match, the two men explained themselves on the field. They were then questioned by journalists.

Asked by brand On the incident with Lewy, Messi replied: “I respect everyone, on and off the field and there is no problem (…) Nothing happened, nothing. He doesn’t speak Spanish… and I was taught that whatever happens on the pitch stays on the pitch and whatever happens in a locker room stays inside the locker room. It won’t come from me…a little privacy please». Also asked about his exchange with the Argentinian, the Barça player confided: “It was an interesting duel. The Leo affair was just a curious fact. We exchanged a few words, but nothing special.. The case is over for now.

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