Life sentence demanded against an “expert in masculinity” accused of feminicide

Life imprisonment was requested on Wednesday at the Yvelines Assize Court against an “expert in seduction” and “masculinity”, accused of having murdered his ex-partner with nearly 80 strokes. knife, in 2020. Evoking a “savage crime” whose premeditation is “no doubt”, the general counsel requested life imprisonment with a security period of twenty-two years.

Mickaël Philétas, now 41, is accused of having murdered his ex-partner, Mélanie G., 34, in January 2020, whom he allegedly stabbed nearly 80 times after breaking into his home in full night. A zumba teacher, the accused hosted a YouTube channel with nearly 1,000 videos, in which he called himself a “virtuoso of seduction”, “a specialist in masculinity” and vilified the “castration” of men by their companions. “It is clear that Mickaël Philétas does not tolerate a woman standing up to him,” said the Advocate General during his indictment, citing in particular a video from the channel hosted by the accused entitled How to fuck an ex.

Thirty stab wounds for the sister of Mélanie G.

The night of the crime, before going to the victim’s bedroom, where she was with her new companion, the accused would first have come across Mélanie G.’s little sister, asleep in the living room. Under the threat of a knife, he would have forced her to be silent, before lowering her pants and her panties, handcuffing her and stabbing her. She will receive nearly thirty during the night.

Mickaël Philétas is on trial for murder, attempted murders of the sister and companion of Mélanie G., as well as for sexual assault under the threat of a weapon. Throughout his interrogation on Monday afternoon, the accused invoked his right to silence. This silence reflected a “very, very big shame”, he explained at the end of the hearing.

On Wednesday morning, the victim’s family silently left the Assize Court as the defense lawyer took the stand to plead. The verdict is expected at the end of the afternoon.

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