Lichtenfels: flower seller killed – 17-year-old suspected

Flower seller stabbed – police arrest 17-year-old

Flowers and candles are placed on the square in front of the flower shop in Lichtenfels

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When a flower shop in Lichtenfels is not yet closed late in the evening, passers-by are surprised. They find the saleswoman dead in the shop – according to the police, she was the victim of a crime. A suspect was arrested two weeks later.

A 17-year-old is said to have killed a flower seller in Lichtenfels. Two weeks after the violent death of the woman, the police arrested the suspected youth. At the request of the Coburg public prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant was issued against him on Saturday, the authorities said. The German was caught on Friday.

The police did not initially announce much more, referring to the ongoing investigation and the age of the suspect. No further information was given on Sunday either.

Lichtenfels: flower seller was dead in her shop

The 50-year-old saleswoman was discovered dead by passers-by on March 10 in the evening. According to the police, they were surprised that around 9 p.m. there were still displays in front of the store and the door was not locked. When they looked, they found the woman lying lifeless on the ground. The autopsy of the body revealed external violence as the cause of death.

The Kripo Coburg put together a 40-strong special commission called “Blume”. The officials determined together with the Coburg public prosecutor’s office. They repeatedly called for witnesses to the population. Several had reported, it said on Saturday. The police did not want to say whether one of the witnesses pointed out the 17-year-old.

In any case, the young person had come into the focus of the investigators and was finally located in the city center of Lichtenfels around noon on Friday. When the officers caught him, he was traveling alone, said a police spokesman.

Arrest warrant issued for 17-year-old boy

After the suspicion against him was then confirmed, the 17-year-old was brought before an investigating judge, who issued an arrest warrant against him. The suspect was taken to a juvenile detention center.

The police did not provide information on a possible motive, nor on the question of whether the victim and suspect knew each other. The investigation was ongoing, a spokesman said on Sunday.

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