LGBTQI+ community: These are the top 12 travel destinations for 2023

Traveling without restrictions – for members of the LGBTQI+ community, that has long been more of a dream than reality. But the world is becoming more tolerant and diverse, love is more and more accepted as such – no matter who it is for. Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people can now travel to many countries without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

The best travel destinations for the LGBTQI+ community

The homosexual Travel portal Spartacus shows in a current ranking which travel destinations are most worthwhile for LGBTQI+ people. In addition to classics such as Australia and Spain, there is even a South American country among the top ten. But see for yourself: In our picture gallery you will find the twelve best travel destinations for the LGBTQI+ community this year.

Of course, there is a downside to all of this. There are still countries where, among other things, homosexuality is taboo and sometimes even punished. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the last places in the LGBTQI+ ranking. In the following countries it could sometimes be dangerous for gay, lesbian or bisexual people.

The most unsafe countries for LGBTQI+ travelers

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