Let’s get to know the heroes of the game “Dragon War”.

In “Dragon War,” a turn-based strategy NFT game, heroes have different stories, personalities, and powers. Understanding heroes is a great tool to help you achieve the best results in the game.

So from now on We are very excited to release. “Dragon War — Hero Spotlight” We’ll give you some basic information about the heroes in the game, including their personalities and powers.

Let’s start with the story to understand the different contexts around the heroes.

human race

Human races have taken over the most fertile region of northern Eragard known as “Darmid” Darmid, surrounded by vast oceans. Thanks to the great wisdom and leadership of the emperors. This area became more and more fertile: both the magnificent palaces. giant fortress and the vast strongholds around the land of Darmid, they built a great empire by the will of every emperor.

Humans have a long lifespan that is not very long. And even though he didn’t have a strong body or full of talent, But humans are always ready to learn. They produce weapons that are more powerful than their opponents. Through these innovations, the armies of the human race were made even stronger. including their own beliefs as well The current queen of the human race is Queen Kyla. The mortals ruled by Queen Kyla were the leaders of the four races to unite and assist other realms in commanding the Dragons and protecting the country from the Morgoths.

elf race

Elves lived in Flamheim, a land on one side of the sea. The other side is surrounded by a great ancient forest. Being the oldest race of Erasmus, the elves were like the only race that seemed to exist as the creator goddess itself. And it seems that they learned magic from her too. These spells are related to nature. Elves live in both worlds. Watch both the beauty and the fall of the people of the Himalayas.

Famous for hunting and peace-loving Elves are famous for long-range weapons. like bows and crossbows at high speed in Eragard.

The elven race is ruled by Queen Vanessa, and they play an important role in training warriors to use weapons while riding dragons.

sorcerer race

The Wizarding World is in Vanirm, a unique land. On one side is the sea near Darmid, and on the other, stands the mountain Sephera, where Sephera is the mountain that divides Vanirm and Jotun. This land is believed to be the source of ancient magic. This explains why wizards are so skilled and highly experienced in magic. The current king of the wizarding race is Magna.

Sorcerer cultivars play an important role in teaching other races to use spells when battling Demon Lords. Using magic will help dragons become more stoic in these battles.

orc race

The Orc kingdom was built in Jotun, located near the border of Vanirm behind the Sephera Mountains. Much of Jotun’s land is covered by forests and ice.

Orcs are often said to be the fiercest race in Eragard for their might, strength, and stature. including a strong desire to fight

Orcs are ruled by Vengeance and contribute greatly to the cultivation of other races, their physical and mental strength while cultivating dragons.

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