“Let’s Dance”: Amira dances freely and makes Oliver Pocher cry

“Let’s Dance”
Amira dances freely and even makes Oliver Pocher cry

Amira Pocher made her husband Oliver Pocher cry on “Let’s Dance”.

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The dance floor was a sea of ​​tears: Under the motto “Magic Moments”, emotions overflowed in the ninth live show. Amira Pocher missed her father, Janin Ullmann missed her best friend – and Bastian Bielendorfer danced his last tango in Cologne-Ossendorf.

The show was just over an hour old when Amira Pocher unlocked the sky. The floodgates opened and the whole world cried. Amira herself, of course, and her dance partner Massimo Sinató. Oliver Pocher, who was sitting in the audience, was completely broken. Daniel Hartwich could no longer moderate. Victoria Swarovski tried until her voice cracked too. The dance show had become a tear show for a “Magic Moment”. And all because of a man in Egypt who played a major role in Pocher’s life: that of the absent father.

Even the clip before the performance set the emotional bar at Carlo Trähnhardt level. Amira talked about growing up without a father, who left the family when she was three. “Why, I always wondered, my friends are picked up by their father, but not me.” Four years ago there was a reunion. The initiative for this came neither from her father nor from her, but from Oliver Pocher. A real RTL missing moment, in the middle of the night at Cairo airport.

“Let’s Dance”: “Duck dance with finger in socket”

The 29-year-old presenter packed all of this into her performance, in which she mixed contemporary, tango, salsa, paso doble and rumba. Every step and every turn is a feeling. The jury was beside itself. “In eight shows we saw an Amira who was tough and didn’t show any weakness – now you’ve finally opened up,” cheered even Joachim Llambi, who was still complaining about the dancing (“It wasn’t always 100 percent”), but it was itchy nobody else.

Bastian Bielendorfer introduced a new dimension of stiff hips to the show. In his two appearances, he performed the widest balancing act – from very sensitive to superfunny. Technically both dances were a fiasco. In the first number he performed, among other things, the loneliness of the bullied student he was in his childhood. Somehow touching in the awkwardness of the one left over, who didn’t get a regular partner in the dance class and now has to dance with the dance teacher. Jorge’s verdict: “You did what you could.” Later – in a duel against Mathias Mester – the comedian made the audience and jury cry a second time that evening. This time with laughter. The studio went wild, whooped and screamed as Bielendorfer conjured up a very idiosyncratic take on street dance that was more Fozzie Bear than funk. The 37-year-old called his wild air guitar ballet “my octopus”, Joachim Llambi found the formula “duck dance with finger in the socket”. The hanger happening was crowned by a striptease, at the end of which Bielendorfer and Mester were only wearing a golden boxer. A Dadaist spectacle.

René and Janin dance in their own league

Otherwise, the ninth live show was business as usual. The best in their class, René Casselly and Janin Ullmann, are still dancing in a league of their own and twice got the maximum number of points. René, the circus acrobat with the exaggeratedly perfect body (Daniel Hartwich: “These are these abdominal muscles that I supposedly have somewhere”), only had to put up with the accusation that he wasn’t emotional enough. Motsi Mabuse: “I want to feel what you feel when you dance.” Janin, who presented a tribute to a deceased friend, was praised over the green clover. “The music flows through your body,” enthused Motsi, who now recognizes her “own style” in the actress’ performances.

In the end, Mathias Mester (Llambi: “You need more order underneath”) and Sarah Mangione (Motsi: “You have to allow the music in your body”) had to tremble. And of course Bastian Bielendorfer, who, unlike the last show, wore underwear this time. But even that didn’t save him. The eternal teacher’s child danced his last tango in Cologne-Ossendorf. “I can talk,” said Bielendorfer. He still has to work on the rest.

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