“Les Inrocks” sentenced for the dismissal of a journalist

The Paris Prud’hommes Council condemned Les Inrocks for having dismissed “without real and serious cause” his former editor-in-chief David Doucet, dismissed in 2019 following the case of the “LOL League”, we learned this Saturday from his lawyer. The monthly was sentenced Friday to pay the journalist 25,000 euros in damages and around 20,000 euros in severance pay, notice and related paid leave, said his counsel, Sylvie Topaloff, confirming information from
Mediapart and of Marianne.

“The judgment indicates that the dismissal was made without real and serious cause. I consider that the financial reparation is out of proportion with the moral damage which was inflicted on David Doucet ”, indicated the lawyer. “He’s been through two years of a real nightmare. He lost his job, his family, his friends, his honor, his reputation. It was expensive, psychologically violent, he had become a plague victim, ”she added, specifying that her client felt“ enormous relief ”.

David Doucet was dismissed in February 2019 for “serious misconduct”, after the “LOL League” affair, these journalists and communicators who harassed mainly young women on the Internet. The journalist had admitted to having been the author of fake celebrity accounts and also admitted two telephone hoaxes, saying “sorry” on Twitter for the “disgust of these acts”.

The direction of Inrocks had justified his dismissal by the negative impact on “the newspaper’s image” and on its “journalistic credibility” within their editorial staff. “There was a totally unjustified dismissal based on 25 eccentric and indirect testimonies. There was no serious element and Les Inrocks admitted before the industrial tribunal that there was no internal investigation. They gave in to the pressure, ”said the lawyer. The monthly also criticized David Doucet for his management by terror, from which he has always defended himself.

A second person, François-Luc Divez, at the time assistant to David Doucet, had also been made redundant.

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