Léna Situations couldn’t finish “Stranger Things”… Aaron Paul has officially changed his name…

December 22, 2022

Jennifer Lopez finds her beauty tips on TikTok

You can be a global superstar, permanently surrounded by people who take care of your makeup or your hair… that doesn’t prevent you from finding your beauty advice like everyone else, on TikTok! This is what Jennifer Lopez does, who revealed to vogue that her secret to having perfect lips came from a video found on the famous application.

The trick is simple. You have to start by outlining the lips with a bronzer, then, using a brush, mark the middle of your upper and lower lips, before highlighting them slightly, then glossing everything with a luminizer!

Léna Situations could not go to the end of “Stranger Things”

Aaron Paul has officially changed his name

Aaron Paul has obtained an important change in the marital status! The comedian, whose real last name is Sturtevant, has now taken his stage name. He was followed by his wife, as revealed by legal documents obtained by TMZ.

His 8-month-old son, Casper Emerson Paul, will now be called Ryder Caspian Paul. The actor and his wife had indeed chosen a first name in the maternity ward. Not being satisfied, they took the opportunity to change it!

Aaron Paul is also the father of a little Story Annabelle, born in 2018.

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