“Lena Lorenz”: That’s why Jens Atzorn dies serial death

“Lena Lorenz”
That’s why Jens Atzorn dies serial death

Judith Hoersch and Jens Atzorn in “Lena Lorenz”.

© ZDF / WalterWehner.de.

Millions of fans watched the dramatic serial death of Jens Atzorn in “Lena Lorenz” on Thursday evening. That’s why his character had to die.

Farewell to Jens Atzorn (45)! The actor dies a tragic serial death in the popular ZDF series “Lena Lorenz”. In the episode “Zerbrechliches Glück”, which was broadcast on Thursday, his character Quirin plunged into the abyss in a dramatic rescue attempt and was declared brain dead a little later. The son of actor Robert Atzorn (76) gets out after 18 episodes. He had been part of the “Lena Lorenz” family since episode five. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the 45-year-old remembers the emotional shoot.

Why did you decide to get out of the series “Lena Lorenz”?

Jens Atzorn: The shooting was a nice chapter in my work as an actor. After five years, it was just time for me to start new projects.

How difficult was the decision for you?

Atzorn: Very difficult, because not only did I become very fond of the role, but also the entire team and my colleagues. I really considered it for a long time.

How did your colleagues react?

Atzorn: You were sad, but definitely respected and understood my decision.

Your role Quirin dies a tragic serial death. Were you able to propose your own exit?

Atzorn: Yes, I was able to get involved and we worked out several scenarios together. Ultimately, there were only two options left: either Quirin should have left Lena or his death. Both versions would have been exciting to play.

Would you have preferred to keep your role alive and with it the option of returning to the series at some point?

Atzorn: Difficult question. I wouldn’t have minded letting my character live, but I also liked the idea of ​​serial death.

How challenging were the last scenes for you?

Atzorn: Very challenging and emotional. You don’t normally shoot chronologically, but I actually had to play My Death in the hospital on the last day of shooting, which was very moving – I think for everyone else who was there too.

What will you remember most from the series?

Atzorn: Mostly the Lorenzhof. It’s just a very special place where you immediately feel extremely comfortable. All the happy and tragic moments that have shaped my role over the years took place there.

How did you experience the last day of shooting, was there a farewell party?

Atzorn: There was a farewell speech and a drink. After the end of shooting, I gave a “flap”, that’s what they say when someone from the cast or team invites everyone to something after the end of shooting. Depending on what you are spending, this can be a “cake flap”, a “schnapps flap”, a “snack flap” or something similar.

Will you keep in touch with some colleagues, which ones?

Atzorn: Yes, of course with Judith Hoersch, we get on very well. With Pablo Sprungala too, as we live in the same city. And now and then with Patricia Aulitzky, the first Lena.

How is it going for you now?

Atzorn: After shooting “Lena Lorenz”, I shot the second season of “The Sleeper” for Amazon Prime. I also shot a “Christmas Special” for ARD and various other, smaller projects. Now I’m excited to see what’s next.

Would a new series be an option for you?

Atzorn: Yes, definitely. Also in the direction of crime or comedy.


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