Legislative elections marked by record abstention in the Principality

This is unheard of in the principality. The legislative elections organized on Sunday in Monaco, and won by the Monegasque National Union list, were marked by a record abstention of nearly 43%. Only 4,348 of the 7,594 Monegasque residents aged over 25, and therefore having the right to vote, voted to renew the National Council, the local parliament, whose members are elected every five years.

The participation rate, at 57.26%, is historically low. It has never been less than 70% over the past thirty years, reaching 70.35% in 2013 and even 74.55% in 2018, during the previous election.

“A significant decline in participation” which is mainly explained by “the absence of strong electoral friction”, judged David Wigno, a spokesperson for the Monegasque National Union list, interviewed by AFP. The two candidates in the running showing only a few “philosophical differences” before the election.

The first time a woman “is elected president”

The Monegasque National Union list, led by the outgoing President of the National Council, Brigitte Boccone-Pagès, won all twenty-four seats. Leaving nothing to list New ideas for Monaco. A first since the constitutional reform of 2002 with the passage from eighteen to twenty-four elected officials.

It is also the first time since the creation of the National Council in 1911 that a woman, “has been elected president by the Monegasques”, underlined David Wigno. Brigitte Boccone-Pagès had taken over as Chairman of the Board a few months before the end of his term of office from Stéphane Valéri, who had become Deputy Chairman of the Société des Bains de Mer.

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