Left below five percent, Greens are increasing

According to a survey, the left would miss out on entering parliament in new elections. The Greens are still on the rise.

The Left Party would currently miss entering parliament in a federal election. In the Sunday trend, which polling institute INSA collects for “Bild am Sonntag”, the left comes to four percent this week, a drop of one percentage point compared to the previous week.

The strongest force remains the Union with an unchanged 28 percent. The Social Democrats remain at 20 percent, the FDP at seven percent. The Greens can gain a point and come to 18 percent this week. The AfD remains at 15 percent. The other parties could unite eight percent of the votes. The traffic light coalition would only add up to 45 percent.



No traffic light majority in Germany trend

In the Deutschlandtrend of the ARD last Thursday, the traffic light coalition missed a majority. She only got 42 percent – ​​the Union and the Greens, on the other hand, would have enough votes. If there were a federal election next Sunday, the CDU/CSU Union would get 29 percent of the votes and remain the strongest force, but would lose one percentage point compared to the survey from the previous week. The Greens achieved an unchanged 18 percent, as did Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s SPD. For the survey, the institute Infratest dimap interviewed a total of 1,259 voters in Germany from December 6th to 7th by telephone.

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