Lecture in Ebersberg: Energy saving tips for tenants – Ebersberg

“Small animals also make crap”: This is the title of a lecture organized by the local agenda group Consumption Patterns, Health, Lifestyle and Energy of the City of Ebersberg on Wednesday, November 23, at 7 p.m. in the town hall’s meeting room. Philipp Rinne from the Energy Agency Ebersberg-Munich gives energy saving tips for everyday life.

Many people notice the rising energy costs directly. Tenants in particular cannot take any structural measures themselves. However, there are numerous small measures, tricks and gimmicks that, taken together, enable considerable energy savings. Significant amounts of electricity, heat and water can be saved with the help of many small adjustment screws. This allows people in rented apartments or houses to noticeably reduce their energy consumption and thus their costs, and also do something good for the environment.

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