“Layla”: The scandalous song is the official summer hit of 2022

Scandal song “Layla” is the official summer hit 2022

The song “Layla” by Schürze and DJ Robin is the summer hit of the year

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No song was more successful this summer: The controversial party hit “Layla” has been named the official summer hit 2022. DJ Robin & Schürze follow in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran.

The Ballermann song “Layla” by DJ Robin & Schürze, which was confronted with allegations of sexism and therefore controversial, has been named Germany’s summer hit 2022. This was announced by the market research company GfK Entertainment.

According to GfK Entertainment, the party hit was streamed more than 60 million times and has been at the top of the charts for five weeks: “There is no way around ‘Layla’ this summer,” said the official chart investigators from Baden-Baden. “The representative streaming and sales data paint a clear picture this year.”

“Layla” sparked debates

The sing-along catchy tune “Layla” is about a “poof mama” who is “prettier, younger, hornier”. In Würzburg and later other cities, “Layla” was banned from festivals. The song therefore sparked a debate about alleged censorship and the importance of artistic freedom.

Organist plays Ballermann hit "layla" in church - and inspires visitors

At the end of August 2021, the dance-pop song “Bad Habits” by British superstar Ed Sheeran was voted a summer hit.


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