Last Generation: Members should consider starting their own party

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Members of the Last Generation are reportedly considering starting their own party

Last Generation Activists in Magdeburg

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According to media reports, parts of the Last Generation are considering organizing as a political party. However, there is no consensus.

The activists of the so-called last generation had to listen to critics time and again when they made the headlines with sometimes provocative actions. They should rather get involved in politics. Regardless of the fact that for years young people have been peacefully taking to the streets for the climate and environmental protection, signing petitions and speaking on talk shows and parliaments – without this ever leading to serious efforts on the part of politicians. Still, the group now appears to have plans to heed the critics’ advice.

According to information from “Welt” at a meeting of Caris Connell, a representative of the last generation, future plans were discussed at an internal meeting. It was said: “Now we are trying to found a political party.”

Last generation considers party formation

This statement was made, but the newspaper’s report is still not entirely correct, he says from the last generation: “The idea of ​​using a party as an organizational form came up several times in the past six months and has been rejected again and again to this day or put on hold because we don’t want to give the impression that parties alone will solve the problem of the government’s absolute climate policy failure.”

In Germany, however, parties enjoy special rights and protection that ordinary activists do not have, which is why this form of organization could still be an option for the future. A party name has not yet been considered. “We wouldn’t call it ‘Last Generation Party’, we would call it something completely different,” Caris Connell said.

The Greens are not enough for the climate protectors

These considerations of the young activists from the Greens should be understood as a slap in the face: The German party, which has environmental protection in its name and is currently part of the government, obviously does not seem to sufficiently represent the interests of the concerned climate rescuers.

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