Lana Del Rey’s father is very happy to be the first “nepo daddy”

Rob Grant, the father of Lana Del Rey, is the very first “nepo daddy” in history, and he is proud of it! Unlike a nepo baby, a nepo daddy is someone who owes his success to the celebrity of his children, and this is the case of the father of the famous singer.

69-year-old Rob Grant has just been released Lost at Sea, his first album. A record that would probably never have seen the light of day if it hadn’t benefited from the notoriety of its illustrious offspring! And although he may spend most of his time navigating at a distance from the doldrums of civilization, the artist immediately sniffed out the marketing vein that this unprecedented status constitutes.


“Proud to be the first nepo daddy,” said Rob Grant in an interview with QG with his daughter. “I thought to myself, ‘My God, that would make really good merchandising.’ Damn, I see that on caps, t-shirts, tote bags and everything in between. »

However, the music of Rob Grant is very far from being a pure marketing product since we will gladly classify it in the ambient register. Soundscapes where ethereal piano layers and synthetic bursts mingle, but also, at times, some vocal melodies that we owe to Lana Del Rey. An oceanic music, therefore, in the image of the artist’s way of life.

Moreover, Rob Grant is not at his first attempt since he had recorded some piano layers on sweet carolinaa title present on the album Blue Banisters of his daughter.

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